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$ 597000 Maximális visszavonás
Exkluzív kaszinó bónusz: EUR 230 online kaszinó verseny a Mega Kaszinóban

$ 275 Ingyenes chip Frissítve: Augusztus 27, 2015 Szerző: Brad Milner

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  • Vincenty Garret
    Vincenty Garret

    Sok szerencsét kívánok!

  • Dall Sweeton
    Dall Sweeton

    @kriskros46 where did I say someone was wrong? I&’ve been looking through this post but can&’t find it. I said I&’m not too happy about this craziness, but wrong? I have always remembered words you have said before in which you pretty much said to let people do what they want to do and to mind our own business so to speak, and ever since then I have tried very hard to do just that as far as anything going on in the contest goes with the commenting and the activity that is done here on this site. Everyone wants to win, so it&’s not my place to tell them to stop doing what they are doing and I would never tell anyone to do that, they can do their thing and I will continue to do my thing, but if Sydney wanted to put in place to contain some of it, that would be fine by me, but if not, that&’s okay too, it will just be what it is. But me tell other members they are wrong?? Where did that happen, because if I did tell someone not to participate in this craziness and you show me where and when and who, I will be apologizing to that person right now.

  • Axel Darosa
    Axel Darosa

    Köszönöm az info sid-t